Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Riding in my new hometown

On Sunday I took my first ride around our new hometown in suburban Georgia. Wow, this sure is different from our old place. Much hillier, with lots of rolling hills. And a few hills that are a real challenge for me. I haven't ridden since August 19, so I am out of shape. To add to my frustration, my Cateye (which tracks speed, distance, and averages) stopped working at the beginning of the ride. So I don't have any accurate numbers. According to the map I did about 15.5 miles, but it took me over an hour which puts me well below my usual pace. Riding around here feels like either I will adapt to hill climbing or I will give up riding completely.

Yesterday (Labor Day) I went for a second ride. A bit shorter this time, only 12.2 miles. But the climbing seemed harder.

There's a bike shop less than a mile from my house, and they do a group ride every Friday morning. I hope to join it regularly, but I also hope they don't leave me in the dust the first few times.

I have signed up for a 65-mile ride in Cartersville on the 19th. I hope I am in shape by then.

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