Friday, October 24, 2008

Atlanta gas shortage caused in part by EPA

The Atlanta Metro area is required by the EPA to sell a low sulphur fuel which supposedly burns cleaner. This is "boutique fuel" and isn't made in large quantities by refineries. So when refining capacity decreases, so does the supply of our "boutique fuel". This is also why they can't just truck gas in from other areas. Well today, finally, the EPA has given the area a waiver on the low sulphur fuel, allowing stations to sell standard stuff. Unfortunately we have so much pent up demand that I think it will be a minimum of one week before we see a comfortable level of supply. More likely it will be two weeks. This was a completely forseeable and avoidable crisis, triggered by a hurricane but exacerbated by our slow thinking and acting, dimwitted bueraucrats, both at the state and national levels.

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Recycling Electronics: Goodbye to the Mac 4400

One of the local waste companies held a computer recycling day today. Anyone was allowed to drop off any computer equipment and most electronic equipment for recycling, at no charge. We always have some old computer equipment lying around and I feel guilty just throwing it out to clog our landfills. So I loaded up the car with some old stuff and drove it to the event. In addition to the broken MicroTek scanner and the old Sun workstation I dropped off our old Power Mac 4400.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It is definitely getting worse

I drove by a Kroger on my way to drop my daughter at school. This Kroger usually has gas in the mornings. Last week waits varied from 5 to 15 cars. This morning there were no less than 70 cars waiting in 2 lines to get gas. I talked with the manager (who was out in the parking lot) and one of the drivers. Wait time seems to be 45 minutes. By far this is the worst I've seen since the whole nonsense began. We didn't go far last weekend even though there were things we wanted to do. We stayed home instead to save the gas for the daily commute and errands. Now an official with AAA South is saying it will be another two weeks before we see normal again.

Oh and it seems our governor can't be bothered with this, since apparently he is out of the country.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gas Crisis may be over

I'm seeing good signs today. Better than good: great signs. On Monday I posted that lines were the longest I had ever seen them: 70-100 cars deep with waits over 45 minutes. Tuesday I still saw lines but not as long. Yesterday the lines were very short, perhaps 5 to 10 cars, but I still only saw one in 7 stations with gas. Today, for the first time in almost 2 weeks, I have seen a station with no line. In fact, I have seen several stations open and selling gas with no lines. The Kroger by my house has consistently had gas almost every morning and has consistently sold out of gas by 1 pm. Today even at 1:30 they were still selling gas and there was no wait. Two stations near my house that have been without gas for 10 straight days were selling gas today. So supply is nearly back to normal, and the lines have almost completely disappeared. I am relieved. I should be able to fill up my wife's car tonight or tomorrow morning.