Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

You think I would learn, but I guess I have to make the same mistake many times over before reality finally sinks in. I haven't ridden since a week ago Sunday when I was on the Silver Comet trail. Why have I not been riding? Because of the rain. But it hasn't been raining every day. That's where I keep making mistakes. By now I should know to ride any day the weather is dry, because the next day it will rain again. Yesterday is a perfect example. We had a break between weather systems, and conditions were sunny and pleasant. But I didn't ride. Why? I don't know. Lazy, tired, schedule, procrastination, not sure. Today it is raining again and this will probably continue until tomorrow. On the good-weather days, something else always seems to keep me off the bike.

It is getting late in the year and soon riding will be made even more difficult by the weather. So I can't really afford to pass up these chances. I also plan to get a "trainer": a device that turns a regular bike in to a stationary bike. With a trainer I could at least get in a workout on days like today when the weather keeps me off the roads.

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