Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home Theater is nearly done

Our home theater is almost complete. The cabinets were built and the entire space was repainted a little over a week ago. The projector has been mounted to the ceiling. The equipment is in the rack. The speakers are placed in the cabinet and everything is wired up. The screen arrived last week and is now up on the wall. The acoustic panels are on order and should arrive shortly. The curtain to cover the window is also on order and we expect it to arrive some time in December. The only thing we still need to make it a usable space are the chairs. I've included a picture from earlier this month, taken just after the cabinets and the painting was finished, but before the screen was installed. It will have to do until I can get some more recent photos taken.

I called the chair company two weeks ago and asked what the status was. I was informed that the front row chairs is ready to be shipped but they are holding them until the back row chairs arrive, which might not be until Christmas. Well, this was simply not acceptable. So I requested that the front row be shipped immediately and they can send us the back row later. Right now the three chairs for the front row are on a truck somewhere on their way to the store. I don't expect to get them until next week.

But we are far enough along on everything else that we can watch movies. And that is exactly what we did. We dragged some old chairs in from the other room and set them in front of the screen. Two nights ago we had our official "first movie viewing" in our new home theater. The choice of movie was easy: we chose the just-released Star Trek.

I am extremely happy—ecstatic even—with how everything has come together. I made good choices for my audio and video components. The image quality is absolutely outstanding for a DVD. The audio quality is equally fantastic, even without acoustic panels in the room. This is going to be a very popular room in our house.

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