Thursday, December 10, 2009

Home Theater Pictures

I can finally show some decent pictures of the theater. Front row is in place, but we are still waiting on the back row. The curtain in the back of the room has a black-out liner and covers a window. It is a single piece and does not open. The curtain rod we initially installed for it isn't working out (it has already collapsed once) so "replace curtain rod" is on my short list of to-do items.

The walls are painted a mid-tone brown. The trim is a cream color which matches the rest of the house. The cabinets are a dark mocha brown. The ceiling and the area around the screen are a midnight black. The acoustic panels provide a touch of deep red. The curtain is a velour brown.

View of stage and screen

View of stage and left wall, showing more of the
acoustic panels and surround speaker

View of the seating and rear, showing the rear
surround speakers and the window curtain

Front row of seats (back row is still on order)

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